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What to Expect

Once you have booked your float session you are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment where staff can explain the pods and answer any questions you may have. You will be shown to your private room and asked to shower before entering the pods. This is to remove any make up or body oils. There are ear plugs to protect your ears from the salty water and petroleum jelly if you have a cut or sore. There is also a head rest for your use in the pod if you desire. The pod is filled with approximately 25cm of warm salt water solution which you will step into and close the pod door. The music and lights will remain in play for about 5 minutes and will then slowly begin to dim leaving you to relax and enjoy your float. As your session comes to a close, the music and lights will come on signalling the end of your session. It is recommended that you shower again and then enjoy the facilities in the vanity room.

tip 1 

Put the ear plugs in your ears before showering.

If you touch the earplugs with damp hands their stickiness isn’t as effective.

tip 2

Try not to shave a day or two before floating. The salt can irritate freshly shaved skin.

tip 3

Avoid dyeing your hair in the days running up to your float or at least after one wash.

tip 4

The more floats you have, the greater the benefits. Some people are distracted by the unknown of the first float and find it hard to relax. Try to go with the flow and soak up the rewards.

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