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the float retreat

The Float Retreat is a high end space on the Hertfordshire/Essex borders where you can effortlessly float in warm, salty water in a sound proof and dark or low lit pod. As the music and lights are dimmed there is minimal outside stimulation which is ideal for deeply relaxing, reducing stress and practising mindfulness. As your mind relaxes the epsom salts high magnesium content starts work on repairing muscle trauma and the weightless sensation becomes a transforming experience.

The pods are in private rooms with a shower and changing area in the room. Towels, hair and body products are provided for your use. The vanity room is equipped with mirrors and hairdryers for your use after your float session. We strive to maintain a high standard of service and cleanliness at our centre with state of the art pods and technology.


Benefits of floating

Benefits of floating


muscle repair

Floating has a repairing effect on muscle strain and sports injuries. During your float, the body relaxes allowing the magnesium to penetrate the skin, drawing out toxins and lactic acid build up, and helps to restore muscle tissue, reducing recovery time and improving performance.


stress and anxiety

Floating significantly reduces levels of stress and anxiety. The low stimulus environment helps the mind lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which allows the mind to de-stress, relax and heal.



In a sensory deprivation tank, your mind is free from distractions. You become more aware of your breath and can focus on the here and now.



Intense relaxation gained from a float supports deeper and more restorative sleep.


pain management

Floating helps reduce pain in the neck and back. It is beneficial to people suffering with conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.



The experience of floating gives a sensation of weightlessness. This eases the strain on the body that pregnancy can bring. Muscles are able to relax and heal and it enhances the mother and baby bond.


creative & thinking skills

Floating in a stimulation restricted environment allows one to check in and focus on ideas or problems where solutions come flooding in.

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